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Visit Latin America

南米旅行 南米ラグジュアリー旅行 南米高級ホテル インカ
Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.
We are particularly glad abuot offering you unique South American Experiences - such as luxurious and unique accommodations, tasting Gourmet food , getting in contact with Nature, visits to typical events etc We are also arrange business trips .

Sample Plan for Unique experiences

The South America Experience

Stay in the Wine Producing Regions of South America

- Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador.


Since Spain invasion in the 16th century, European winemakers have fallen in love with this lands and they have started producing unique wines.

Listening to the history of the small-scale and family-run winemakers is very interesting. .They produce a unique wines taking advantage of the altitude of the Andes, and in the pursuit of creating good wine in the new continent and they have started to produce world-class wine.

South America wine has own distinct character and bouquet.

It will be an unforgettable experience to stay at a small town near the winery with extremely beautiful scenery, and being served with the warm hospitality typical of South America. It is exquisite to combine the wine with a delicious local meat.


Minimum days required: 2 nights  3 days  

Accommodation: Boutique Hotel or Wine Lodge

Tema:Wine / Cultur / Gurumet


Latin Ameican Wine

A Journey in elegant trains through South America

with spectacular Views of the Mountains.


A lot of train lines have disappeared because of road development in South America,But there are some Andean trains have been reborn as a tourist trains in the present


By Train of Ecuador with excursions and interesting activities (Guayaquil-Quito).

By Train of Argentina in highest train circuit in the world (Salta - Poruborija).

By Train of Peru, Orient Express. In Luxury train across Peru (Cusco-Puno).


Minimum days irequired: 1 night 2 days or 3 nights 4 days

Accommodation: Lodge or Hotel

Theme: Train/Nature/Culture

Andean Train

Experience breathtaking Nature Scenery 

Accompanied by Professional Local Guide.


The Galapagos Islands where many prehistoric species of flora and fauna still inhabit. The Andes is the world's longest mountain range with peaks over 6000 mts.La Selva (jungle) in the Amazon river basin is the world's purest and most natural .

Environmental issues are serious, such as controlling the excessive development . The tourist industry also helps by building Eco Lodges , and also by trying to improve the lives of the natives.We hope the beautiful scenery never disappears.

South America, offers much more...

Mirror of the sky , the Uyuni salt lake / Star rain in the sky, Atacama desert/Glacial of a great collapse, Patagonia / Marble cave, Carrera lake... 


Minimum days required : 2 nights 3 days or 3 nights 4 days

Accommodation: Lodge or hacienda or hotel or cruise ship

Theme: Nature

Miracles of Nature

Spending Time in the colonial cities 

remembering the Past.


Cusco, Peru (altitude: 3600m) - the first capital of the Inca imperial, and also the gateway to Machu Picchu.Quito, Ecuador (2800m) - the second capital of the Inca imperial, the state of preservation of historic area is the best in the South America, and still keeps that atmosphere of the colonial era.Colonia, Uruguay(23m) - Oldest city in Uruguay, and has a blended culture of Spanish and Portuguese roots .These three cities are classified as World Heritage by the UN .Lake Titicaca (3800m)- where we can discover the mysterious native lives in its islands.


Minimum days required : 1 night 2 days or 2 nights 3 days

Accommodation: Hacienda or Lodge or Hotel

Theme: Culture/City

Nostalgic Cities

of the Andes

From Sophisticated Party to Festival with Big Fuss.


Latins have the power to enjoy and they stage a variety of festivals and varied events.

Carnivals, Festivals of autoctonous Indios, Tango Competitions , Wine & Food Festivals ...

These exceed our imagination both by their scale and luxury.Furthermore , it is always an unique experience to participate in the marathon of Quito at 2800m altitude....We arrange these tours for the interested participants at any time, please contact us.


Minimum required days: depends on the duration of the event

Accommodation: Hacienda or Lodge or Hotel

Theme: Event/Cuisine/Culture

Latin Festivals

The World Famous Cacao and Coffee of South America


We can see the farmers' pursuit of the best way to farm without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and their dedication to producing these delicious beans with fervor and passion .

South American beans have rich aroma , and they are made into high-quality chocolate products and the world-famous coffee .It is a luxurious experience to drink coffee and bite into a chocolate in the the pure country air and atmosphere , while staying at a Lodge or an Hacienda Hotel.


Minimum days required: 2 nights 3 days

Accommodation: Hacienda or Lodge

Theme: Gourumet/Nature/Culture

Chocolate & Café

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