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Vamos a Japón



10 days  or  14 days 

2017/2018 March-April & August-September

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Visit Japan

外国人旅行 訪日旅行 東京 京都 高級旅館 日本食 寿司 SUHI RYOKAN 日本文化体験
Principally for foreigners to Japan , we offer high quality experiences with the essence of pure Japanese tradition - such as contact with Zen Philosophy , staying at a Japanese Inn-Ryokan, attending Tea Ceremonies ,viewing Art in Calligraphy, tasting Authentic Japanese Food, getting to know Japan´s modern Culture etc. We also arrange for you to obtain a JR Pass, your Visa, your Hotel reservations, We organize Business Trips.

Sample Plan for Cultural experiences

The Japan Experience

KYOTO: Traditional Experience & Ryokan

Luxury Inn "Ryokan" & Experience of Japanese Traditional  Culture 

in the Anncient Capital-KYOTO.

Through 794 AD to 1192 AD , Kyoto was the capital and center of politics and culture in Japan.Kyoto escaped from the damage of the 2ND World War , the old architecture and culture of the time still remain intact ..

In this ancient capital, you can have amazing experiences which are named Spiritual Exercises; such as assisting to a tea ceremony, viewing flower arrangements and art in calligraphy, or coming in contact with Zen Philosopy .

During your stay at the Japanese traditional inn ,a "Ryokan" , you will be in a room with a Fouton bed and Japanese style bath.It will be an amazingly relaxing experience.


Minimum ays required d: 2 days 1 night

Accommodation: Ryokan

Cuisine: Japanese


TOYKO-Edo Culture


Meet the Stylish EDO Culture in the Modern City-TOKYO.

In Tokyo, there is a old downtown dating from the Edo period.In this area, you can come in contact with the Edo culture staying at a modern hotel which transmits the pure essence of its culture.

It is recommended to visit Tokyo during a festival period to feel the Edo spirit with a passion.* Various festivals are held throughout the year. Please ask us for details and information .


Minimum days required: 1 night 2 days

Accommodation: Tower Hotel

Cuisine : Japanese

Theme: Tradition / Fusion culture / Gourmet

TOKYO:“Cool” Experience

Meet the Unique Culture of This Stylish City , 

Staying at a Fashionable Modern Hotel in Tokyo.


Today Tokyo offers a unique culture blended from many varied influences.

Please yourself with unique experiences in modern Tokyo.

Shopping In a department store, you can verify the rich quality of the products and the renowned hospitality to the customers. 

Visiting Luxurious Bars and Restaurants are one of the entertainments this city offers ...

And there is infinite ways to enjoy yourself in Tokyo.


Minimum days required: 1 night 2 days

Accommodation: Luxury or Boutique Design Hotel

Cuisine: Japanese or International


Theme: Contemporary culture / Modern City

The Beautiful Japanese Countryside

Stay in the Calm Atmosphere of Countryside,

Cherishing the Nature and Getting to Know the Customs of the 4 seasons.


Staying in the Japanese countryside, it is Journey of total Relaxation.

The breakfast is served with delicious local rice, visit hot springs , get to know the sacred natural beliefs of the Japanese , communicate with the local people, take a spontaneous walk around ....

All these all activities will be a highly gratifying experience .


Minimum days required : 1 night 2 days

Accommodation: Ryokan

Cuisine: Japanese

Theme: Nature/Gourmet/Countryside

Taste the exquisite ”Japanese Cuisine”

The Intangible Cultural Heritage "Japanese Cuisine".


Japanese Cuisine has been declared an UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The food culture and habits of Japan, have perfected cooking techniques to take advantage of the ingredients and materials, and serving food that represents the beauty of nature.

Please have an amazing experience the style of Japanese food enjoying the good atmosphere at the restaurants with a balance of harmony for intrinsically enjoying your meals.

* Sake tasting, and cooking classes are also available.


Minimum days required: 1 night 2 days

Accommodation: Ryokan or Hotel

Cuisine: Japanese

Theme: Tradition / Fusion Culture / Gourmet

Local Festival・ Varied Events


Participation in the Local Event


A New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine in January, The Setsubun in February, The Cherry Blossom Festival in Spring, and summer festival...

Festivals and events are held through the year.It is a unique opportunity come in touch with local people and culture.In combination with these events, we will organize for you a excellent tour plan.


Minimum days required : 1 night 2 days

Accommodation: Ryokan or Hotel

Cuisine: Japanese or International

Theme: Tradition/Culture/Event

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