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Visit Japan

Principally for foreigners to Japan , we offer high quality experiences with the essence of pure Japanese tradition - such as contact with Zen Philosophy , staying at a Japanese Inn-Ryokan, attending Tea Ceremonies ,viewing Art in Calligraphy, tasting Authentic Japanese Food, getting to know Japan´s modern Culture etc. We also arrange for you to obtain a JR Pass, your Visa, your Hotel reservations, We organize Business Trips.

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Visit Latin America

Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.
We are particularly glad about offering you unique South American Experiences - such as luxurious and unique accommodations, tasting Gourmet food , getting in contact with Nature, visits to typical events etc We are also arrange business trips .

Speciarized Tour & Unique Travel Experience

Unique, unusual and wonderful hotels, restaurants, activities and sights in Latin America and Japan.
Theme :    Wine Tasting  & Farm Visiting
Wine / Cheese / Olive / Chocolate / Coffee / Banana / Flower
The wine of South America has a really unique flavor , the aging and the complete background story ... The Cacao and coffee of Latin America are of the best quality as acknowledged in the whole world.
Theme :      Exhibition / Event / Festival
For Example..
”Join in a travel exhibition with our staff .''
"Participate in the marathon race in Quito at the altitude of 2800M"
"Enjoy a  typical local event"
Theme :  Nature 
South America has an amazingly rich and diverse nature...
Visit The Andes Mountains, the Amazon Jungle, the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador),the Cloud Forest, the Salt Lake, Deserts ... Before these treasures of the world disappear, visit them and feel this authentic experience in the great nature. And you can feel the conscience for nature and enjoy with the safety of being led by a professional local guide.
Focusing on your accommodation
Accommodation, is 35% of your complete travel experience.
We introduce excellent , unique and comfortable luxury hotels, which have;
An interesting history, a unique private owner , local activities included , interesting aesthetic designs, central location, delicious cuisine, polite staff or enjoy manor hotels (Haciendas・Estancias) ...
Focusing on your Dining
It will be a great opportunity to get to know the culture and the people. Enjoy delicious cuisine and drinks at the local restaurants with a great atmosphere.
The cuisine and the establishments are very important part of your trip for us .
Respect for the People & their habit in the Destination
During the voyage , you will come across different cultures and customs,
you will meet people who who share the same planet with you .
SUR proposes a travel style in which each tourist can be an ambassador of their own goodwill .
Invitation to Japan
We offer bilateral <two-way> tourism .
Travel to Latin America for Japanese tourists , and tourism to Japan for Latin American tourists .
SUR offers you attractive experiences in Japan, such as staying at a authentic Japanese Inn- a Ryokan, it is a traditional cultural immersion to get to know the authentic Japanese charm.

Support & Services for BUSINESS

This service is not only for the travel agencies,We also welcome the orders from private companies,organizations and individuals. Investigation and consulting of the site and location and Report writing / Negotiation and participation in tourism exhibitions and fairs / Business trip arrangements / Consulting of Real Estate and purveying and supplying of Merchandis and goods

Products Sales

We travel all around the world,
And we introduce and supply you with products and goods ,for example souvenirs ,clothes ,chocolate coffee,wine which when we exclaim to ourselves "This is wonderfull !" .
It is also possible to receive the goods on the spot while you are traveling.
Each item has a unique background and story.
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