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Business investigations and research of locations and sites / Report writing / 
The negotiation and preparation for participation in tourism exhibitions and seminars / 
Research, consulting and support services on real estate /
Products and goods sales (e.g. souvenirs, clothes, chocolate , coffee and wine etc )


 I have had a variety of work experiences in travel-related fields in Japan such as in travel agencies, travel trade magazines , airline companies and organizing travel exhibitions. In addition I count with the experience of having worked in Europe and having traveled to more than 40 countries . With all these experiences, I have convinced myself of the possibility and potential of South American countries as a travel destination for Japanese .
 In 2012 I I moved to Quito ,Ecuador .After that I gained valuable job experience at a tour operator in Ecuador, and traveled all over South America . I confirmed myself with the charm of South America and realized at the same time that people in South America are very interested in Japan .
 In 2013 , Sur was launched to offer bilateral tourism. For the customers in Japan, we diffuse live information on Latin American countries. For the customers in Latin America, we introduce them to the authentic charm of Japan. We produce the unique travel experiences for bilateral tourism.
 We welcome all kinds of work orders related to Japan and South America . We are always at your orders to cater to your inquisitiveness and your wish to have new experiences.
Megumi Ichikawa

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● Coordinating for TV Coverage

....................Production Company 


● Providing Photos/Reports of the destination

......Media/Travel Agents/Organization


● Providing Research & Site Inspection Reports

...............Travel Related Magazine


● Support of Exhibition/Business Meeting

.............Tourism Board/ravel Agent


● Planning/Operation of Seminars

.............Tourism Board/ravel Agent


● Site Inspection/Negotiation



● Business Travel Arrangements



● Translation/Interpretation







Quito, Ecuador

Tokyo, Japan


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