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The terms and conditions described herein apply to all services, cruises, hoetels, transprtes and programs booked with SUR Experience(SUR).   The user of SUR Experience services agrees to the "Terms and Conditions" on this website and any other change that might be updated in the future on the website( which are valid at the time the service is provided. 



SUR Published rates are NET rate. Exceptions may apply.

Rate are guaranteed for the stated period, unless there are steep increases in prices for fuel and logistics, international policies and government regulations, exchange rate fluctuations or any other event affecting the operation beyond SUR's control. If there is any adjustment, it shall be reported when a firm booking with full payment is received. All items not specifically included in the itinerary must be paid directly by the passenger.



SUR must be advised in writing about all reservation requests, changes in reservation and/or payment. Reservations shall be confirmed when total payment is credited to SUR and issues the confirmation(vouchers). The client is also responsible to double check confirmation(vouchers) and pro forma invoice quoted by SUR. 


*Submit passengers' information:

Passengers' data: - Title (Mr., Ms., Chd. (child), Inf. (infant)) - First name / last name / nationality / passport number / date of birth, as shown in the passport.  - Passport copies in case of children under 12 years old. - Marital Status: single/married/divorced/widowed/lawful union - Language spoken. - On board and hotel accommodations (type of cabin / room, double, triple or single). - Arrival / departure details for international flights. - Emergency contact. - Insurance contact information, if any. - Physical disability,Health problem,Speical condition or special requirements: Diet or allergies requests should be notified to SUR.



SUR shall proceed to arrange hte reservaion when deposit / payment conditions are fulfilled. All payments must be made to the SUR within the time-limits indicated.


All changes and cancellations must be notified in writing to be considered and accepted by SUR.The cancellation/changes fees shall be debited automatically from the deposits or payments. If a booking agent guarantees a reservation without payment, the invoice must be honored in case services are cancelled. 

Last minute requests are subject to availability.




・ Deposit : 30% of Total Amount.

・ Balance: Total payment must be done until 45 days before the Service

・ Final booking will be accepted aftar all payment have be done.



   Free of charge until 61 days before the Service

    60-45days before teh service, US$ 100 (High season charged US$ 200) is charged for following changes.

・ Date Chage :  Depends on the availability, and the difference will be invoiced.

・ Name Change:  Only on the Same service.



・ 61vdays prior to departure, 100 usd per person.

・ 60〜46 days prior to departure, 30% of the total amount 

・ 45〜31 days prior to departure, 50% of the total amount . 

・ 30 days prior to departure,100% of the total amount


There are some exceptions as below. 

And also, if there is a special condition especially for the peak season, SUR will inform it to the clients at the time of booking.


*Galapagos Cruises



A deposit of 50% of total amount  is required to place reservation 

・ Total balance must be fully credited in SUR´s account up to 61 days prior to departure.



Rather than cancelling services we suggest you to check the following alternatives between 120 and 61 days prior to departure with a US$ 200 penalty per short cruise per person (High season  departures do not apply):

・ Date change; based on available ship and cabin. Price adjustments might apply.

・ Change of name; based on the same held departure.



・ 121 days prior to departure, 500 usd per person.

・ 120 - 61 days prior to departure, 50% of the total price shall be charged for any space released. 

・ 60 days prior to departure, reservations shall automatically be considered as firm; therefore, 100% of the total negotiated rate (cruise + fuel surcharge) will be charged and withheld if the booking is cancelled.



*For air tickets issuance

airfare full payment is mandatory. Any changes will be subject to Airlines´ policies. Issued air tickets are non-refundable and non endorsable.



2.2 Payment Process

Payments can be made only in the account specified by SUR in U.S. dollars or Japanese Yen. Major credit cards and Pay Pal are accepted, special conditions apply. Any extra expense for transferring funds must be covered by the user and included in the payment. SUR must receive notice of payment to be able to check when money was credited. Booking shall be confirmed once the money has been completely deposited in SUR's accounts.


2.3 Refunds and compensation

As a basic principle, no refund will be made for any unused service such as hotel or cruise accommodation, service or transportation. If a refund is obtained, however, there may be a fee withheld for administrative charges.

SUR responsibility will not extend beyond this refund, and no payments will be made, or compensation given, in respect to claims for contingent liability or inconvenience experienced by users. No refund can be made on lost, mislaid or destroyed tickets or vouchers or on lost property.

Any complaint the user might have while on holiday must be expressed in writing by the passenger and addressed to SUR's Ecuador office within 30 days of the termination of the tour, in order to duly process it. SUR shall not accept responsibility for claims received after this period.

No refunds shall be made for any missed service or extra expenses except for those where it is possible to substantiate that they were the operator's responsibility. Any adjustment shall be considered only on the basis of the current prices directly involved

SUR will not be held liable for any consequences or expenses incurred for any changes, cancellations, accidents, injury, death, etc. caused by any disability, whether it has been reported to SUR or not. No refund will be forthcoming for missed sightseeing, meals, early/late departures and visits that were not enjoyed by the user.

Ways of Payment

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