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「BRUMA ブルマ・リザーブ」赤 
品種:カベルネ·ソーヴィニヨン/ メルロー

「Del Morro デル・モロ」赤 

飲みやすく、 ほぼすべての食事にあう。

Bodega dos Hemisferios


SUR Experience (スール・エクスペリエンス)

Chaoupi Estancia

The wine maker is the premier producers of fine wines on the equator at 2400 m above sea level in the rolling hills of the Andean mountains. Their greatest challenge has been experimenting with approximately 30 viniferous grape varieties to understand which varieties would be appropriate for Ecuadorian wines. They have successfully done this for the past 15 years.
They use the latest technology in handcrafting our premium wines. The majority of our machinery is Italian, using the finest French yeast, and the winemaker, Mr. Hector Olivares Madrid is Chilean, a graduate of the Catholic University in Santiago with a degree in Viticulture and Enology.
*For details of visiting this winery, please contact to:

エクアドル No.1 赤ワイン「Dos Hemisferios ドス・エミスフェリオス」

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